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“Vacation Manor is an indie-rock duo based out of Virginia, consisting of Nathan Towles (guitar, vocals) and Cole Young (drums). The band formed in the fall of 2014 after their first show, a battle of the bands at the college in Washington, D.C. Towles was attending. Vacation Manor released their debut EP "Girl, Say" in April of 2016 which has since received over 50 million plays on Spotify. Two years after their first release, they partnered with producer Charlie Stavish (Foster the People, Ryan Adams) on the making of their second EP, "Everything I Can't Say Out Loud". Recorded to tape in Joshua Tree, CA, the EP takes their sound in a more pensive direction, citing influences such as The Cure, Nick Drake, Bruce Springsteen, and Roman Candle. In 2020, the duo began the making of their first full length album. Consisting of songs recorded in Nashville, TN with "Girl, Say" producer Kyle Cummings, songs from Joshua Tree, CA with producer Charlie Stavish, and "Can't Run Forever" which was recorded by the band in their basement studio, Vacation Manor's 2021 self-titled debut stitches together shared and personal experiences in a patchwork of vibrant alternative anthems. “To us, the album feels like looking at photos on your phone from the last few years,” says Nathan. Vacation Manor crystallizes those moments and memories in the echoes of shimmering guitars, glistening keys, upbeat sunny grooves, and iridescent melodies, making their debut album worth revisiting—much like your favorite photo album. Since the release of their 2021 debut album release, the band has been touring across the US, and is currently working on their second album release, expected for 2024.”